Three Myths Of Women’s Fitness

For many women when they get into fitness and the gym, a quick search and you will see
countless of information. It is hard to tell the facts from fiction. Many women fall for cardio only,
lightweight, and skipping upper body workouts. Here are 3 Myths about Women’s fitness to look
out for.
Myth 1 – Weight lighting Can Make You Bulky and Muscly
Some things never die and this is one of them. If you have been around fitness, you might have
heard this. Lifting weight does build muscle and can help with burning more calories and using
more fat. If you have done cardio, when you stop moving, you no longer burn calories. Lifting
weight is a little different. As you work out, you do burn fewer calories than cardio, however,
there are longer-term benefits that give more than only the short-term gains.
If you want to tone, you first need muscle to tone. You cannot just start and become tone.
Think of it as you build muscle and then you shape yourself by losing fat. Without having the
muscle, you cannot do the next part. Also, having more muscle help burn more calories with
your normal daily activities. This is what we call better metabolism.
Last women do not have the same levels of testosterone as men. This means in general,
women have a harder time building muscle. If you think just because you lift weights, you will
“look like a man”, that is not how it works.
Myth 2 – Cardio Burns More Calories
This was touched on above. It is an old way of looking at calories burning in only the short term.
Just because you “burn” 200 calories running and only 100 calories lifting weights, that does not
mean cardio is better. Weight training also helps with how you are able to run. As you become
stronger it will be easier to run and help you use cardio more efficiently. Using weight training is
a great way to help get more out of your cardio workouts.
Myth 3 – Always Run for your cardio
Some people do not want to walk for exercise because they think running is better. They are
close to the same exercise because they use the same muscles. However, looking at running
and walking for only calories and fat loss is not the only way to look at them. Running has many
other health benefits for the body. Walking takes longer to go the same distance as running but
that does not make it bad.
Last Words
That is a lot of intonation for some people to take in. It could be all new to you or old news.
However, remember that fitness is long term and looking for results over weeks is not how you
make your fitness goals come true. It will take time and hard work to get the results you
want. Have your workouts work for you and benefit you rather than hurt your progress.
Remember to have fun and not to listen to all the negative internet stuff you may see on
social media. Train hard and shape your body.

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